Nutrition Coaching Tom Jordan, MS, RD

Weight Loss

12 Week Program (Phone / Skype / Facetime)

 - 1 Hour Assessment / Meal Planning

 - 1 Hour Food Log Review

 - 30 minute weekly follow up sessions

- 10 sessions total

Runners Nutrition Program

12 Week Program (Phone / Skype / Facetime)

- 1 Hour Meal Planning

- 30 minute follow ups bi-monthly

- 6 sessions total

Basic Meal Planning

- Initial Assessment and Food Plan (90 min)

- Follow up & Food Log Review (60 min)

- 2 Sessions total

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Your Nutrition Philosophy?

We do not prescribe extreme meal plans or diets.  The main focus of our recommendations are to provide you with sustainable targets that you can maintain long term.

Do You Work with certain Medical Conditions?

Absolutely!  As a Registered Dietitian I am Licensed to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy.  I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, but can provide nutritional support as recommended by your doctor.

Do You work with Athletes?

Yes!  I played basketball and football and have completed 14 marathons, so I definitely understand the importance of nutrition for optimal performance and love tailoring nutrition plans to athletic goals.

Will I have to log my food?

I do recommend food logging for most people initially because "what gets monitored gets managed." My goal is to develop you into an "intuitive eater" that meets our macro goals (fat/carb/protein) naturally without logging.

What is your schedule?

Your Schedule is my schedule! I love working with clients any time of day and can schedule as early as 5am (CST) or 8pm (CST).  I generally prefer Mon-Fri sessions but can schedule some weekends.

You didn't answer my question!

Please feel Free to Email me directly at or call me at        815-354-6441.  And if it's a good question, it might just show up here.