Personal Training Aimee Reed, CPT

Weight Loss Training (Skype / FaceTime)

- 30 or 60 Minute Sessions

- 1-3 Sessions per week

- Emphasize Metabolic Conditioning and Calorie Burning

- Good for Basic or Advanced Clients

Strength Training for Runners

- 30 minute sessions to supplement endurance training

- 1-2 sessions per week

- Emphasize Core Strength, and functional movements for running performance

Workout Planning

- Design a weekly workout plan based on your schedule, goals, and equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Training Online?

You'd be surprised at how many of my clients were skeptical of training online, but now prefer the convenience and privacy of training in their home.

What Equipment Do I need?

The only requirement is YOU.  If you have exercise bands, dumbells, or other equipment we will certainly work that in, but body weight training = functional training!

How Fit Do I need to be?

If you are fit enough to turn on your phone, you are fit enough to start a program.  I design the workouts based on you, and meet you at your level

Can You Train Athletes Remotely?

Absolutely!  Just as we start slower for beginners, I also have very high level athletes who perform their hardest workout of the week with me on FaceTime

How Long is Your Program

Our training programs are generally 12 weeks with 3 four week training phases but can be modified depending on a person's goals or needs.

What is your schedule?

I am very flexible and can usually make anyone's schedule work.  Please let me know what you are looking for and we can confirm an ongoing schedule.

Have More Questions?

Drop us a line!